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If you notice an electrical outlet smoking, it’s a serious issue that requires immediate action. Knowing how to fix a smoking outlet, or at least what to do if it happens, can keep your home and your family safe. A first step – beyond ensuring that your family is ready to evacuate – is figuring...Read more

Although the kitchen has been referred to as the heart of the home, it can also be a source of stress. Cooking a good meal takes time and energy – two things that are often in short supply for many of us. It may seem easier to zip through the drive-thru for a quick bite on your way home from a...Read more

Children are endlessly curious about the world around them. If you’re a parent – or anyone who spends time with kids, for that matter – you’re bound to be asked about electricity sooner or later. Knowing how to explain electricity to a kid is an essential skill to have in your parenting tool box...Read more

Has your clothes dryer seen better days? Or, maybe you’re weary of those late night trips to the laundromat? If you are thinking of buying a new dryer, there are a few factors to consider before investing. Which features are most important to you? Whether it’s due to environmental concerns or...Read more

What does electricity sound like? Have you ever noticed an indistinct humming sound coming from an electrical appliance and wondered, Is it possible to hear electricity? Many people report that they can “hear” or “feel” electricity in devices. Maybe the sound on your TV is muted, but...Read more

According to the Centers for Disease Control, accidental carbon...Read more

Gift-giving season is right around the corner! And like most parents, you’re probably wracking your brains for the ultimate present. Lucky for you, Mr. Electric has the perfect recommendation: electric cars for kids. Kids’ electric cars have been around for decades, and they’ve only been getting...Read more

Mr. Electric’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Mr. Electric’s 2019 holiday gift guide! Whether you’re shopping for your best techie friend or a parent, Mr. Electric has the perfect recommendations.

Holiday Gift Guide for Her...Read more

Excited about festooning your house with outdoor Christmas lights this year, but worried about the cost? If all those extra lights are driving up your electric bill, consider more energy-efficient options. Solar outdoor holiday lights can be a great solution for savvy holiday decorators. Keep...Read more

It’s the universal condition: every holiday season, homeowners across the country dig boxes of holiday decorations out of their attics or basements only to discover miles of burned-out Christmas lights! When you’re...Read more