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5 Decorative Deck Lighting Options

You probably love spending time on your deck in the summer. Of course, you need patio lights to allow the fun to continue after dark. Get inspired by these ideas as you prepare for another summer of outdoor living.

Carriage Sconce Lights

Beautiful, rustic carriage wall lights don’t just illuminate your patio at night – they also add glamour and style during the day. In this example from, oversized lanterns flank regal French doors leading to the patio. It’s a welcoming sight during the day, and at night the large lights provide ample illumination for anyone hanging out on the patio.

Strands of Lights

If you want ample lighting without hardwiring lights to the exterior wall of your home, consider strands of lights. These can become a permanent fixture on your patio for nighttime lighting all summer long. If you have a covered patio, hooks on the ceiling provide a simple mounting location.

If you don’t have a covered patio, one option for hanging the lights is to mount posts to reinforced barrel planters. Hooks positioned near the top of the posts provide a place for the lights to hang. Fill the planters with soil and flowers to add to the overall ambiance of the patio.

Find full instructions and more inspiration from I Should be Mopping the Floor.

Rope Lights

Mounting rope lights to the underside of the deck railing isn’t about providing enough light to play cards by – it’s about adding a subtle glow that adds ambiance to the back yard. You can install your own rope lights simply and easily. Just screw clips into the railing and push the rope light into the clips. For power, simply hook up an outdoor-approved extension cord to an exterior outlet and plug in the lights.

The deck isn’t the only place you can implement rope lights. Make a paved walkway more inviting, run lights along stairs to prevent tripping or outline a garden box for striking visual appeal. The applications are limitless!

Get the full instructions for mounting rope lights to your deck from Christmas Lights Etc.

Fire Pit

Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics and enjoy light from the original source: fire. Whether you build your own fire pit or hire a professional, burn real wood or use natural gas, a fire pit in your back yard is sure to be the central gathering place for family and friends. Cook hot dogs, roast marshmallows, or simply enjoy sitting back and relaxing with loved ones lounging around a gently cracking fire. It doesn’t get much better than that.

For inspiring designs, look to Architecture Art Design.

Tiki Torches

If you prefer the natural glow from a flickering fire, but you don’t want a fire pit, try lining your patio with tiki torches for hours of illumination. Special mosquito-repelling cedar oil does double duty by providing patio lighting and keeping pesky biting insects away at the same time. When you’re done enjoying time on the patio, remember to blow the torches out to conserve fuel.

Some torches are two-in-one products with a place to burn a traditional torch along with a removable LED solar light. This way, on nights you don’t want to light the torches, you can let the LED lights illuminate your patio.

Learn more about lighting your patio with tiki torches from Stephanie Lynn.

If you need help making these patio lighting ideas a reality, please contact Mr. Electric® today. Our landscape lighting services ensure you enjoy glowing beauty and ambiance on your patio without compromising safety.


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